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New!  Car wash Pin Up

Looking to capture something your man will cherish forever?  Capture two of his favorite things.... His car and you!    A bikini car wash looks good on both the wall and in a book.  Want to pull of a vintage pin up look?  For a small extra fee we can help you with some basic hair and makeup to really pull off the look, and help you with a consultation on wardrobe for the ultimate pin up attire!  

For us to come out and shoot the car wash photo shoot there's only a $75 Fee which includes the session fee for time and travel, and a bucket with car wash soap.  

To add basic hair and make up (a few vintage curls and a bandanna, and light eye make up)  plan on an extra 30 minutes before your shoot for prep time, and an extra $50. 

Once your portraits have been taken we will bring them back to the studio to edit and prepare for your viewing.  When they are finished we will call you to set up a return to view date and we can help you customize a package. 

Call us today to find out more details and to set up your session!

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