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Photography Classes and Studio Memberships

Studio One to One has opened it's doors to supporting other local artists.  Whether you a photography hobbyist, or a part time professional, studio one to one has memberships and classes now available to help take your passion for photography to the next level. 

    There has been a huge growth of photographers since the digital era has begun.  What most photographers lack however, is a professional location to create and sell their masterpieces in.  This is a great opportunity for both photography hobbiest wanting to learn and play, as well as part time photographers looking for an affordable place to conduct business.   

    After the doors to Studio One to One close for the day, we are now opening the doors to Studio Every One.  Call to set up a time to come view our beautiful studio and see where your passion for photography may lead you with one of our membership options. 

Weekly Classes 

Come sign up for our weekly classes to stay inspired!  Each week we have an inspirational photography project that helps teach different photography skills and basic knowledge.  This is a great way to get out of the house, meet other inspiring photographers and learn some new tips and tricks.  

Photography classes are held every Wednesday from 6-7pm.

Try a one time Trial class for only $40.  Call in advance to reserve your spot.  Spots are limited.


Inspiration Membership

*Unlimited access to weekly classes. 


Student  Membership

*Unlimited access to weekly classes. 

*One hour of personal studio time per week. 

*Discounts on Prints

Freelance Membership

*Unlimited access to weekly classes. 

*3 hours of personal studio time per week.

*Discounts on Prints.

*Sales and editing assistance available.*


Pro Membership

*Unlimited access to weekly classes for you and an assistant.

*5 hours of personal studio time per week.

*1 hour of prime studio time per week.

*Discounts on Prints.

*Sales and editing assistance available.*

*Overflow work available.

Studio Every One Personal Studio Time Hours


Sunday- 8am-10pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- 6pm-10pm

Wednesday 7pm-10pm.

Saturday 7am-10am and 6pm-11pm.

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