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H.D.R. Real Estate Photography Preparation 

1)  De-clutter.  

Real estate photography looks the best when you can see nice clean lines.  If you are serious about selling your property you want to take some time storing all unnecessary table and counter tops items into boxes and storing them away.  You want the prospective home buyer to be able to imagine themselves in your home, without all the nick knacks. Things like beauty items on vanities, magnets on refrigerators, trinkets and picture frames on table tops are better left tucked away. The more you can put away in the closets the better. 

2) Flip the Bedspread.

On the same note as wanting clean lines, you also want simple design so it may appeal to many different people.  If you have busy patterned bedspreads, we recommend flipping them over to a more basic solid design if possible.   If both sides are busy and complex, you want want to consider buying some simple white or solid colored comforters to make your home more appealing to a wider selection of people. 

3)  Put the Seat Down. 

Please take a moment before your photographer arrives to close all of the toilet seats in the house. 

4) Lights, Windows, Fans. 

Before your Photographer arrives you want to make sure to allow the most amount of light into your house as possible.  Push open all blinds and windows that showcase pleasant views.  Also turn on every light in the house.  This includes lamps as well.   HDR Photography has a way of lighting them up, even in the day light, which looks very appealing.  This is a great way to show off how you may have under cabinet lighting etc.  Also make sure to turn off any ceiling fans in the house so they do not appear blurred in the photos. 

5)  Move Your Car. 

Make sure to move your car out of the driveway before the photographer arrives so that when the outdoor shots are captured, your car is not included

6)  Put pets away.  

Even though we personally like pets, please make sure that you have a plan of what to do with your pets during the session.  HDR requires long time exposures on photos and pets walking around can become a problem.  In addition to this, it is better for the sale of a home to not show case that pets have lived here.  It is also a good idea to hide any pet evidence such as water and food dishes, beds, or litter boxes. 

7)  Leave the Photographers Name at the Front Gate. 

If you live in the gated community, please let the front gate know ahead of time so there is no delay. 

We look forward to capturing

beautiful images of your home.

Good luck! 

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